Vassula Rydén is an accomplished artist and she is now making prints of original oil paintings that she created available to us. Some are inspired by paintings of renowned artists of the past century. She was inspired to reproduce Christ’s Agony in Gethsemane, a masterpiece by the renowned artist of the last century Carl H. Bloch.

Vassula receives no personal royalties, fees, or benefits for her paintings. All sales revenue is used for the mission of True Life in God.

The LORD speaks: “your paintings, Vassula? have I not bestowed upon you this gift of art? has this also not come from Me?” 29 May 1987

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Vassula, is Greek, born in Egypt and she belongs to the Greek Orthodox Church. She could never have imagined that God would unexpectedly reveal Himself to her in 1985, while she was living with her family in Bangladesh. This was the beginning of a mystical communication, which continues to this very day. It is God that dictates, inspires and reveals to her His words of Wisdom to pass them on to His people so that they know His Will.

The grace to receive God’s word in such a way is called Prophecy. God called Vassula even though she had never received any catechetical instruction or theological formation and taught her everything; as He said once to her:

‘I have chosen you as a blank canvas to fill it up only with My Work which I will name: ‘True Life in God.’Christ, 10 June 1987

The ‘True Life in God’ divine messages are an urgent call to make peace with God and amend our lives through repentance. They are a call to reconciliation, love, and unity.

“Be like a loud book, a book written by the Most High,” God told Vassula in the beginning. He foretold her back in 1986 that His message, with His help, will go around the world and so it did. Since 1988 Vassula has been invited to speak in more than 85 countries and has given over 1000 presentations. In all of this apostolic work, Vassula receives no personal royalties, fees, or benefits for her efforts. So far, the books have been translated by volunteers into more than 42 languages.

Several renowned theologians and priests, with great enthusiasm, have studied the messages and consider them not only to be in harmony with the Scriptures and the Tradition of the Church but also said that they have given them a better insight of the Scriptures and of the essence of God. They have confirmed their authenticity and divine origin by writing books and analyzing the unique case of Vassula.

Prophecy – Through all these years, Our Lord has tried and is still trying to awaken a true understanding in all of us by repeatedly giving us reminders: recalling what was said in the past through Scriptures, by the Holy Prophets and His own Commandments; God will not allow us forever to offend His Holy Name and so, repeatedly He has been warning us that the world, living without Him, is self-destroying itself in its apostasy and provoking His Holy Justice to fall on them.

Prophecies such as the destruction of the Twin Towers, the Tsunami of 2004, the fall of communism in Russia, the Covid19, and other prophecies, were foretold to Vassula and have all come true. If the world, will not repent and the churches will continue to be deaf to His callings for reconciliation and unity, a unity in diversity, a great chastisement of fire will be sent to the world.

“Those who have ears let them hear, those who do not want to hear let them not hear”, this is what God said to Vassula to tell this generation and to all the Churches.

Feeding the Poor – In Scriptures, it is written that faith without good works is quite dead. After experiencing our Lady in a vision, Vassula was asked by our Holy Mother to reach out to the needy and feed the poor as well, for spiritual food was not enough. Since then, many houses called Beth Myriam (house of Mary) started to function to feed the poor. There are now many worldwide.